We realize the client satisfaction with customized medical services and certified surgery knowhow.
We present the beauty suitable for each patient through 1:1 customized treatment, and offer a clinical service that can be always trusted by the patient.

Lared PLASTIC SURGERY trusted and chosen by the client

We consider the safety of our patient as our major priority, value the communication with our client to elevate the patient satisfaction.
Also, we present beauty suitable for each patient, and offer a clinical service that can be always trusted by the patient.

Safe anesthesia system

1:1 client customized service

Establishment of high-tech medical and safety equipment

ONE STOP complete treatment system

Professional medical treatment system by field

customized after care system

Why must be Lared PLASTIC SURGERY?

1:1 client customized service

We offer safe and satisfactory medical service centered on the patient through systematic consultation, care and surgery process, customized to each patient characteristics from the consultation before surgery to post-operative care.

Professional medical treatment system by field

We strive to offer more satisfactory surgery results through precise diagnosis and surgery performed by professional medical staff of each field.

A hospital trusted by the client, a plastic surgery recognized by the client

In an event that identifies the customer preference selected by the client itself, Lared was elected as a brand that can be trusted by the customer for its safety, professionalism, service, etc.

Establishment of high-tech medical and safety equipment

We have established several high-level safety equipment like, Automated External Defibrillator(AED) that recovers the heart beat in emergency, Uninterruptible power supply(UPS) to be prepared for sudden outage during surgery, etc. Also, we have minimized the infection through air by the 24 h aseptic system with the Air cap.
Like this, we have increased the safety by establishing high-tech medical equipment.

Post-operative care program

We operate post-operative care program adapted to the patient characteristics such as, recovery care, swelling program, and we strive to achieve a fast recovery and more satisfactory result.

Safe and accurate professional anesthesia system

We have established a surgery system that consider the safety as a priority, where the anesthesiologist resides and checks the patient status from the beginning until the end of the surgery.