Lared PLASTIC SURGERY always thinks about the client.
Opening Hours
We present the beauty suitable for each patient through 1:1 customized treatment, and offer a clinical service that can be always trusted by the patient.

Consultation Hour

  • Monday~Friday

    Monday – Friday: AM 09 : 30 ~ PM 06 : 30

  • Tuesday

    Tuesday : AM 09 : 30 ~ PM 08 : 30 (Night time)

  • Saturday

    Saturday : AM 09 : 00 ~ PM 03 : 00

Closed on Sunday and holidays.
If you make a reservation before the visit, you can be attended on the time of preference.

Online consultation

You can get a consultation fast and conveniently about the surgery.

Online reservation

You can make a reservation on the time of preference through the online reservation system.

Kakao Talk Consultation

If you are unable to contact by telephone, you can get a consultation by the Kakao Talk app.