One more way to maximize the surgery effect
Post-operative Care program
To minimize the discomfort produced by the surgery during recovery, Lared PLASTIC SURGERY operates systematic and variable follow-up care systems suitable for each surgery category. Thanks to Lared’s own thorough post-operative care, it is possible a faster recovery.

1:1 customized
follow-up care system

swelling care

Injection of a solution composed by several vitamins

High frequency care

Stimulation of inner skin tissue regeneration

Scalp care service

Resolution of the stress and pressure caused by surgery

Scar care

Stimulation of outer skin tissue regeneration

Laser care

Activation of damaged nerve and vessel regeneration

We reduce the swelling by injecting a solution made based on Lared’s own clinical experience and research.
This is effective for recovery because it has inflammation preventing effect.
It is useful to reduce the swelling and pain after surgeries and procedures like chemical peeling.
Also, creates a bright and elastic skin through a fast formation of collagen and elastin.
It stimulates the collagen regeneration of the skin tissue and creates an elastic and healthy skin.
It also improves the blood circulation, and reduces the swelling through a micro fat burning reaction that penetrates the dermis and subcutaneous fat as well.
It stimulates fibrous cells of dermis and increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
It has wound healing effect by stimulating regeneration.
It is possible to maintain a healthy and clean scalp condition through hair shampoo.
Also, it can solve the pressure and stress caused by surgery, and improve the circulation of lymph through the scalp massage during shampoo, making the swelling disappear fast.