Beautiful and well balanced breast line!
There are many people who are worried because their breasts are small, but some people are worried because their breasts are too big or asymmetrical. The BREAST REDUCTION is a mammoplasty that improves the excessively big breasts or sagging breast by creating elastic and well balanced breasts that fit to each person’s body.
Surgery duration
Approx. 3 h
Methods of Anesthesia
Conscious Sedation
(local anesthesia)
Discharge at the day
Suture removal
After 10 d
Recovery Duration
Possible normal activity
after 1~2 weeks


Genetics, hormone excesses, weight gain, and other reasons may increase the breasts. In consequence, it can produce sagging breasts along with other problems.
In this case, besides cosmetic problems it can also cause functional problems like eczema in breast rood, back or shoulder pain.

The BREAST REDUCTION is a surgery that solves the problems and also creates aesthetic effects. As the breast reduction is surgery more complicated and difficult than the augmentation, it is crucial to be performed by a skilled surgeon.

BREAST REDUCTION is recommended to



Who has lot of stress because of too big breasts



Who feels pain in the neck or in the back



Who has skin illness like eczema due to sagging breasts


It is performed identifying the nerves and vessels of the mammary tissue through an endoscope.

Vertical incision method

It is the appropriate method for most breasts, regardless of the size.
After the incision of areola, vertical incision of 4~5 cm and removal of fat tissue.

areolar incision method

It is the appropriate method for breasts that aren’t excessively big nor saggy.
If the breasts are excessively big there can be scar in the areola and the amount that can be reduced could be restricted.

‘Ω’ Incision method

It is a method that makes the incision in ‘Ω’ form around and underneath the areola. It is appropriate for severely big and sagging breasts and it is effective when the amount of reduction is extremely large.
It reduces large quantity of mammary gland and skin, and lifts the lowered nipples.

Liposuction method

It is a method that reduces the breasts size in case of lot fat tissue.
It is effective for fat type breasts which are not saggy and have nice skin elasticity.

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