Firm masculine chest
Gynecomastia is caused by the puberty or obesity, and is difficult to solve it when one becomes adult.
Lared PLASTIC SURGERY finds the principal cause of the gynecomastia and changes it back to a firm chest by solving the cause.
Surgery duration
Approx. 30 min ~ 1 h
Methods of Anesthesia
Conscious Sedation
(local anesthesia)
Discharge at the day
Suture removal
After 10 d
Recovery Duration
Possible normal activity
after 1~2 weeks

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition when male breasts become big like women’s due to mammary gland development or fat accumulation.
Commonly, it is caused by sensitive reaction of mammary gland to feminine hormones, or excessive fat accumulation in breasts.
Besides, it is produced by hormone irregularity due to hypothyroidism, cancer, etc, renal disease, endocrine disease, metabolic disease like cirrhosis, etc.

The gynecomastia doesn’t produce any functional problem, but it can cause aesthetical problem and psychological stress so it is better to correct it with a surgical procedure.

MALE BREAST REDUCTION is recommended to



Who has protruding breasts that can be grabbed by the hand



Who has pointy nipples and areola bigger than normal size and bulgy in overall



Who has chest that doesn’t change muscular no matter how hard exercises


It is performed with the appropriate procedure through accurate diagnosis of the type.

Correction by Liposuction method

It is performed when the gynecomastia isn’t severe, but the breasts become bigger by fat accumulation due to obesity
- Small incision in the lower portion of the breast. Liposuction by a tube inserted through it.
- More effective result is achieved with mammary gland removal when it is excessively developed.

Correction by Mammary Gland Removal method

It is performed when the breast get big due to excessive development of mammary gland
- When it is impossible to remove the mammary tissue with only liposuction, incision of 2~3 cm underneath the areola and direct removal of mammary gland tissue.

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