Clear eyes WITHOUT Incision!
It is a method that corrects the lid ptosis phenomenon, that manifests as sleepy and tired eyes, without incision in the skin thanks to Lared’s own knowhow. It improves the sagging eyelid and changes to a clear impression
Surgery duration
Approx. 20 min
Methods of Anesthesia
Conscious Sedation
(local anesthesia)
Suture removal
After 5~7 d
Number of Visit
1~2 times
Recovery Duration
Possible normal activity
after suture removal

What is Non-incisional eye correction?

The Non-incisional eye correction is a surgical method that corrects the lid ptosis without doing any incision
In the past, it’s been used the incisional method. But in the present, it is possible to make pupils look big and clear without doing any incision.

Many of our clients prefer this method because as there is NO incision, there is no scar, less swelling and short recovery time.

the Non-incisional eye correction is recommended to



Who has different size of both eyes, or who has lid ptosis.



Who feels the eyelid is heavy when opens the eyes



Who has short eyes even after double eyelid surgery.

Non-incisional eye correction procedure

It is a surgical method that consists in creating fine grooves in the eyelid and adjust the tension of muscles.

Before the surgery, thorough consultation with the surgeon to find out the cause
Creation of fine grooves in the eyelid
Adjustment and stretching of muscle tension to open naturally the eyes.
Finalization of natural and clear eyes after surgery.

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