To a bright and radiant impression with the FAT TRANSFER under eyes
It is a procedure that transfers the fat located irregularly or too much under the eyes through the incision in conjunctiva. It helps to improve the dark circles and change to a vivid and bright impression.
Surgery duration
Approx. 30 min
Methods of Anesthesia
Conscious Sedation
(local anesthesia)
Discharge at the day
Suture removal
Number of Visit
1~2 times
Recovery Duration
After 5~7 d

What is fat transfer under eyes?

One of the reason that makes your face look older that your age is the fat under the eyes. When the skin under eye sags and the muscle located right under the eyelid develops too much, It protrudes and makes a lacrimal hollow.

The fat transfer under eyes is a surgical method that removes the fat and fills the hollow under the eyes at the same time. It has the advantage of changing to a brighter impression because it corrects the dark circle and winkles by loosening the muscles under the eyes.

Fat transfer under eyes is recommended to



Who has the possibility to have hollow under eyes after performing only the fat removal.



Who has dark circle that doesn’t improve even after laser treatment



Who has bulging and sagging fat under eyes that forms shadow in it

fat transfer under eyes procedure

It is a surgical method that removes the fat under eyes through the conjunctiva and fills the hollow produced by it at the same time.

Removal of the conjunctiva under eyes exposing the fat
Withdrawal of autologous fat and relocation in the hollow
Finalization of vivid and bright eyes

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