There is no Second failure! EYE REVISION through accurate analysis of the cause
In the case of EYE REVISION, more than anything it is important the precise cause analysis and that the surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon who has abundant experience, because it requires a high level of skill.
We offer high satisfactory result because we perform the REVISION through accurate analysis of the cause
Surgery duration
Variable by surgical method
Methods of Anesthesia
Conscious Sedation
(local anesthesia)
Discharge at the day
Suture removal
After 7 d
Number of Visit
1~2 times
Recovery Duration
Possible normal activity
after 1~2 weeks


It is a surgery that is performed when the prior surgery failed or when the patient wants to change the line or shape of the eye previously operated. The reasons why the revision is considered are variable. Most cases are too big or thick double eyelids line, asymmetric double eyelids line, double eyelids that became undone, etc.

To prevent secondary revision, it is crucial to get the surgery performed by specialized medical staff with abundant experience, because the Revision requires the accurate judgement of the cause and right choice of the surgical method.

EYE REVISION is recommended to



Who has asymmetric double eyelids line or double eyelids that became undone



Who has severe surgery scar or remaining swelling tissue of the prior surgery.



Who has sagging skin around the eyes due to aging

EYE REVISION procedure by type

It is a method that judges precise precisely the cause according to type and chooses the appropriate surgical method

In case of too thick double eyelid

It should be considered if it looks too swollen still from 6 months to 1 year. It happens when the line is designed excessively big, or when there is too much fatty tissue. The EYE REVISION reduces the height to a normal level and removes the scars and moderate amount of fatty tissue.

In case of asymmetric double eyelids

It is not necessary rush to decide the revision when is asymmetric. It should be considered when it still looks asymmetric even after has passed much time. Most cases are double eyelids that became asymmetric because the prior surgery came undone, or different height of the lines. The REVISION corrects one or both eyes and makes them symmetric.

In case of no change after surgery or eyes that became even smaller.

It happens when the lid ptosis was passed over, or when the eyes look too round because even the length of the eyes is short there is only the double eyelid line. The REVISION is possible with the Lid Ptosis Correction, epi- and lateral canthoplasty, eye tail lowering, etc.

In case of severe scar remaining of the double eyelids line

Normally, surgical scar fades after 3~6 months, but the scar can remain due to error in the suture process or keloid constitutional type. In case that it is not a constitutional keloid type, it can be corrected by removing the scar and re-suturing delicately

In case of too thick double eyelids line, or multiple folds

As the time passes the double eyelids can get lowered. It can be solved by undoing the original line or by marking a new line. In case of multiple folds, it is possible to solve it by removing the original line and creating a new one.

In case of unnatural double eyelids that don’t fit to the patient

When the line itself doesn’t have any problem but the double eyelids don’t fit to the face of the patient too can be corrected with the EYE REVISION, and change it to an appropriate and natural double eyelids line.

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