From sharp and obstructed looking eyes to pure and innocent eyes!
Eye tail Canthoplasty
It is Lared’s special surgical method that solves the short and sharp looking eyes problem, doing the canthoplasty and line correction at once with Lared’s knowhow, and change to wide and good looking eyes.
Surgery duration
Approx. 20 min
Methods of Anesthesia
Regional Analgesia
Twilight Anesthesia
Discharge at the day
Suture removal
Number of Visit
1~2 times
Recovery Duration
Possible normal activity
after suture removal


Asian Eyes shows a sharp impression because the eye tail is lifted up and this covers the lower part of pupil. The EYE TAIL CANTHOPLASTY is a special surgical method that supplement this eyes by changing it to soft and good looking eyes.

It’s an exclusive surgical method that performs the canthoplasty and line correction at the same time. It is an optimized surgical method that maximizes both effectiveness and satisfaction.

EYE TAIL CANTHOPLASTY is recommended to



Who is not satisfied of prior epi- or lateral canthoplasty result.



Who has narrow width of eyes or lifted eye tail.



Who has short space between eyes or less exposed white area of eyes that appears to have squint.

EYE TAIL CANTHOPLASTY surgical procedure

It consists in doing the Canthoplasty and eye tail lowering at the same time to prevent adhesion

Incision of conjunctiva inside the eye along the eye tail
Lowering 1/3 of external part of eyelid, and fixation.
Opening 4~6mm and suture inwards so the scar can be hidden.
Removal of mucosa to prevent re-adhesion.

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