A perfect line watched from any angle
FACE CONTOURING is a surgery that creates a slim and smooth face line by removing and relocating excessive facial bones.
To achieve safe and high satisfactory result, Lared PLASTIC SURGERY performs the surgery after building a surgery plan based on the accurate diagnosis obtained through the 3D-CT.


Accurate facial bone diagnosis obtained through 3D-CT

For a safe operation, we diagnose by analyzing in tridimensional form the shape of facial bones, muscles, facial nerve location, etc. of the patient.

Continuous research about facial contouring

The medical staff of Lared does continuous research and seminars for better results.

Constitution of an exclusive team for Facial contouring

Constituted by plastic surgeon and staff for face contouring to achieve the perfect result.

High satisfactory results

We offer high satisfactory results by performing the surgery through anatomical approach about facial bones and considering the patient’s face balance, proportion, etc.

Exclusive anesthesia system.

Safe anesthesia and 24h monitoring by the anesthesiologist.

After Care system

We help the patient recovery with a step-by-step customized care to reduce the swelling and pain after surgery

1:1 responsible Face contouring

The Lared PLASTIC SURGERY’s surgeon specialized in face contouring operates a system that takes full responsibility from the consultation before surgery, the surgery itself, until the post-operatory follow up, to offer more satisfactory result to the patient.

Development of Lared’s own surgical methods through endless research

Lared PLASTIC SURGERY strives to offer the best result to patients, doing endless research about FACE CONTOURING.
As a result, have developed our own surgical method called “FRONT CONTOURING”, which not only has lateral but also frontal effect, and thanks to this we have achieved to show results of high satisfaction.


High Frequency Care

It uses the heat of 38°C~45°C produced by a special high frequency energy of 300&500kHz to increase the functions of body tissue. It is possible a safe and effective care.

Smart lux

It is effective or skin regeneration, aging prevention, skin aesthetic, wound healing, etc. It is also excellent to accelerate the recovery from swelling and relieve the pain after surgery.

High pressure Oxygen Chamber

It is excellent for edema reabsorption, acceleration of cell regeneration after mini surgeries, and stimulation of muscle and skeleton wound healing.

Skin Care

It removes the waste of the skin and calms the tired skin after the surgery with the Deep Cleansing and Skin Care.

Establishment of high-tech medical equipment for a safe surgery

By establishing high-tech medical equipment like Air Sterilizer, Self-Generated Power System, Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS), Automated External Defibrillator(AED), and Emergency Rescue Equipment, etc., we detaily analyze the status of the patient and perform a safe and accurate surgery.

  • Air Sterilizer

    Sterilization 99.9% of bacteria, virus

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)

    To be prepared for Outage Emergency

  • Automated External Defibrillator(AED)

    To be prepared in emergency for the client safety

  • Monitoring System

    Real-time patient status check

  • High pressure steam sterilizer

    sterilization and disinfection of medical equipment, prevention of secondary infection